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Hello. Got my 321 Pullerbear a while back for small-to-large Scotch Broom eradication, randomly spread over my on my 2.5 Acre Lot in Pe Ell, Washington. Me and my 2 Helpers used a larger scissor –action “Brush Grubber” hooked up to a tow strap on my Truck to pull the “big boys” on a steep riverbank hillside; then the 321 Puller Bear for medium sized Scotch Broom on the level; and then a flat tined Potato Spade to pop loose, and then hand pull the small saplings. For the 3 of us, it was labor intensive, but we were on a mission, and did it! The neighbors had to come over and see what we were up to, and were very impressed with this contraption! My Helper took the Pullerbear home and did his yard… then his Grampa hired him and my other Helper to do his yard ! With my 2 hard-working Helpers now totally proficient in Scotch Broom removal, I am hoping that they can drum up more work in this area…. A real Country Hit ! Thanks for superduty tool. Chris V. Tacoma, Washington May 26, 2017

Pull Nuisance Trees and Weeds - Roots and All - Once and For All - With A Pullerbear.

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Why I would have a Pullerbear Pro XL321 if I could only own one tree puller...

Reason #1. The Pro XL321 can be adjusted to the primary size of stems that you need to pull.  You pull the hinge pin, select the size marked hinge, replace the pin and away you go. The XL321 pulls everything from a blade of grass to a 3" clump of stems. There is no need to have any other tree puller. The Pro XL321 is excellent for pulling small stems. With other tree pullers, the handle of the puller is in a diagonal position before the pulling starts - with the Pro XL321 the handle is in a vertical position so there is no need for bending over or resetting. It may be a poor business decision (no need to buy smaller Pullerbears) but our mission is to have our customers 100% satisfied with 1 Pullerbear than 75% satisfied with 2 Pullerbears. Thank you for your time and thank you for considering a Pullerbear for your tree pulling needs.

Randy Paisley - Inventor / Research and Development

Check out this video of the Pro XL321 pulling 3 sizes of stems.

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