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Pull Nuisance Trees and Weeds - Roots and All - Once and For All - With A Pullerbear.

 Unarguably, The Easiest and Quickest Way To Complete The Task. 

The Price You See Is The Price You Pay.  All USD Prices Are Exactly What You Will Pay. No Duty, Sales Tax or Shipping.

Shipping is Free To All 50 States. Yes, even to Hawaii and Alaska.           

Before you go any further check out this video demonstration of one of our Pullerbear models

Pullerbear Tree Puller XL Series

Pullerbear Pro XL

Pullerbear Grip XL

Pullerbear Cub XL

$149.99 USD

$124.99 USD

$114.99 USD




Weld Your Name On It Here...

Weld Your Name On It Here...

Weld Your Name On It Here...

To see the entire family of Pullerbears and some expedite offers go to Pullerbear's Purchase Page.

Compare THE UPROOTER to it's Comparable PULLERBEAR

It's right here in black and white...

The Pullerbear Grip XL is best in Price, Weight, Capability, Versatility, Usability, Comfort and Shipping.  All Pullerbears Ship Absolutely FREE to U.S./Canada.

Now you decide...


Compare The Uprooter To The Pullerbear

Compare THE Extractigator to it's Comparable PULLERBEAR

 Again... It's right here in black and white...

This time the Pullerbear Pulls All is best in Price, Weight, Capability, Versatility, Usability, Comfort and Shipping.  All Pullerbears Ship Absolutely FREE to U.S./Canada.

And Again... you decide...

Compare Extractigator to the Pullerbear Tree Puller

Compare THE ____?____ to it's Comparable PULLERBEAR PRO XL

 Nothing to compare this time.

The PULLERBEAR PRO XL is the largest hand operated tree puller made anywhere.  With it's 3" jaw capacity and it's ability to grab clumps of multiple stems and extract them from the ground with their roots attached, makes the PULLERBEAR PRO XL a true one of a kind and one of the best parts...  All Pullerbears Ship Absolutely FREE to U.S./Canada.

This time... no tough decision.

Compare Uprooter to Pullerbear Pro XL


Pullerbear Tree Puller Fan Mail

Central Texas Gardener Recommending Pullerbear Tree Puller

Check out the Pullerbear Pulls All being featured on an episode of The Central Texas Gardener with Trisha Shirey


The world famous tree puller, scotch broom puller, buckthorn puller, giant hogweed puller, sapling puller... blah blah blah puller.  The Pullerbear is an innovative way to yank trees and roots out of the ground without breaking your back and bank account. It is an all steel, lightweight hand tool that enables, even a person of slight build, the sensation of being extremely powerful and mighty.  When you yank up your first tree you won't believe how incredibly strong you are...and smart.
The following list will give you an idea how we operate this little adventure we're on...
1.   We've sold over 10,000 Pullerbears since 2003. 
2.   All Pullerbears are made to order. (We will even weld your name on it if you want)
3.   We operate on a first come first serve basis.  Expedited orders as well. 
4.   Our shipping parameter is 5 to 10 business days.  That's when we deliver them to our post office.
5.   When you pay you will be paying in the currency you choose and there are no taxes or fees for U.S. residents.
6.   If you want it faster we can expedite it for $22 USD/$25 CAD (our overtime costs for our guys working late)
7.   It's worth the wait...but if you just can't wait, you can go to weedwrenchbrushgrubber, uprooterextractigator.
8.   We don't pretend to have won some design or engineering award, we just do what we do.
9. We cut and paste unsolicited feedback.  Thats why their are sum tpyos adn msitakes.
10. We claim to be the best tree puller in the world because we know we are and we aren't afraid to compare.
11. All of our Pullerbears are with grade A U.S. and Canadian steel.
12. The Pullerbear will make you feel incredibly powerful, but please don't get carried away.  It will not pull a sign post out of concrete...some have tried, and tying a rope to it and pulling with your truck is not a good idea.
13. We manufacture and ship as fast as we can and we are now working 7 days a week.  We agonize over getting the Pullerbears out on time or as close to on time as possible.

If you want some reassurance that the Pullerbear is the most effective tree puller in the world and the most reasonably priced...

...visit our COMPARE page and compare the Pullerbear to the Weed Wrench, Brush Grubber and Extractigator  before you decide. They don't mention us by name on their sites, we're referred to as "competitor's". Go check them out and then decide which tree puller is the best value for your money and the best tool for the job.  If you choose theirs, oops! 
Thanks for reading this and for your patronage


 International Orders Welcome... We Ship Worldwide!

Pullerbear Tree Puller International

 Domestic and International Customers Can Contact Us At info@pullerbear.com
Or Call Us Absolutely Toll Free at 1 877 943 3607 Anytime 7 Days a Week.

 Check or Money Orders

 If You Want To Purchase Any Of The Pullerbears By Mail

Send Cheque or Money Order to:

ProQuo Services Canada Ltd.

P.O. Box 124

Shawnigan Lake, B.C.

V0R 2W0

U.S. Post Money Orders must be the ones that are cashable at a Canadian Bank.

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