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Hello, In this day and age, most things we buy are either excessively complex, expensive or ineffective. More often than not, all three prevail. Though we wander through a technological miasma like lost lambs, still we search in vain to find those products that are simple to use and that solve a vexing problem. This ingenious tool does both, in spades. I recently hired someone with a Fecon mulcher to shred up an acre of buckthorn, hollyhock, autumn olive and other invasives. I really thought this would solve our intractable invasives problem once and for all. No one mentioned, however, that the mulcher leaves the roots in tact and, worse yet, shreds all but the top half inch of the stumps. This guarantees that the invasives will grow back and, by leaving only a shredded crown barely above ground, removes any possible leverage for grubbing the stumps. So, though I'd already been considering getting one for over a year, I ordered my Pullerbear a couple weeks ago. Like most people, I live a life rich in disappointment and regret, so it was with some trepidation that I unpacked the Pullerbear and took it outside for a test run. You'll be glad to know that, after about two minutes of use, my faith in humanity was fully restored. Three inch stumps, bearing almost nothing to grab above grade and anchored down with 6' long roots, practically leaped out of the ground. It took me longer to unpack the Pullerbear than it did to accomplish this small feat. I cannot overstate the profound joy this has brought me. It was all I could to do to keep from adorning myself with a sort of ritualistic necklace of slayed tree roots, caking my skin with terra firma and shouting a time honored battle cry whilst raising the Pullerbear above my head like a crazed warrior of the highlands. As someone who has spent years destroying his body grubbing, digging and chopping, and as someone who takes inexplicable and unreasonable pride in unearthing stumps and rocks, this tool has brought me the kind of happiness that is (barely) rivaled by the birth of my children. I don't look forward to much these days, but from now on, I am sure I will awaken excited to remove stumps with the Pullerbear. My sincerest thanks for your contribution to the evolution and betterment of mankind. Sincerely, Michael September 19, 2017

Pull Nuisance Trees and Weeds - Roots and All - Once and For All - With A Pullerbear.

 Unarguably, The Easiest and Quickest Way To Complete The Task And...


Why I would have a Pullerbear Pro XL321 if I could only own one tree puller...

Reason #1. The Pro XL321 can be adjusted to the primary size of stems that you need to pull.  You pull the hinge pin, select the size marked hinge, replace the pin and away you go. The XL321 pulls everything from a blade of grass to a 3" clump of stems. There is no need to have any other tree puller. The Pro XL321 is excellent for pulling small stems. With other tree pullers, the handle of the puller is in a diagonal position before the pulling starts - with the Pro XL321 the handle is in a vertical position so there is no need for bending over or resetting. It may be a poor business decision (no need to buy smaller Pullerbears) but our mission is to have our customers 100% satisfied with 1 Pullerbear than 75% satisfied with 2 Pullerbears. Thank you for your time and thank you for considering a Pullerbear for your tree pulling needs.

Randy Paisley - Inventor / Research and Development

Check out this video of the Pro XL321 pulling 3 sizes of stems in a matter of seconds. You don't have to adjust for each size change but the ablity to do so is unique to the Pullerbear XL321. No more bending over for small sapplings.

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