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COVID-19 / Coronavirus Status  - Pullerbears Are Virus-Free

Due to the precautions we've implemented to help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, we have had to adjust our production schedule slightly.  We have shifted our production to a morning and an afternoon shift to enable our staff to maintain safe working distances.  These changes have caused some minor delays with our production and shipping schedule, but delays are only 1 to 2 days longer than under normal circumstances.  Standard delivery time will still be approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

We have closed our shop for retail sales so as to not unnecessarily expose our staff to possibly infected customers.  These are very unusual times and we will strive to carry on as best we can.  We will continue to receive orders and produce those orders. As far as we know, working in your yard or on your property is still safe and may be a healthy and productive way to deal with this pandemic. Some exercise and fresh air, while we wait for this to pass, will do the mind and body some good.

To bookmark this time in our history, we are welding the date of build on every Pullerbear and, as of March 23, 2020, we are painting the Pullerbears a light gray in lieu of our gloss white.  Times are changing and the scope of this Corona- COVID-19 pandemic will live on in infamy - a time to remember. 



 Welcome To Pullerbear - The Most Capable And Least Expensive Tree Pullers In The World.

9 out 10 Pullerbears Sold To U.S.A. Citizens 

$25 Flat Rate Shipping When You Pay In Your Country's Currency

The Price You See Is The Price You Pay (Canadian Customers Subject to Respective Provincial Sales Taxes) 

And...the only one that you don't have to put down to finish the pull with your hands.



This is us...

...An original product brought to you by...

 - Brandi and Randy Paisley - Shipper - Welder - Inventor - Welder - Multimedia

 - Cierra - Welder - NCAA Hockey Player - Student - Lindenwood U. St Charles, Mo.

 - Ryan - Welder - Product Development - Self Employed Entrepreneur

 - Brooklyn - Hole Driller - Packager - CIS Hockey Player - Student - Dalhousie U. Halifax N.S.



If at any time you want to talk to an actual person 24/7/365... Call toll free 1 877 943 3607

... and now this...our latest Pro XL321 Cub Lite feedback...


July 22, 2019

Randy & Brandi & Family,

I could not believe what was waiting for me tonight by my back door when I got home from work. My order of the Pullerbear Pro XL321 and the Pullerbear Cub Lite had already arrived. Wow, I was not expecting them until Friday the 26th. What a pleasant surprise.

I have already tried them both out on a few small trees and shrubs around the house, just to see how they both work, and they both work exactly as your Website and Videos describe, or maybe even better. I am VERY PLEASED with everything about by order: 1) The communication, 2) The speed in processing my order, 3) The ease of adding on the Pullerbear Cub Lite, 4) The packaging and shipment, 5) The unbelievable speed in delivery and 6) Especially the ease in using them both.

When I start on my major project very soon, I will send you some before, during and after photos of my new tools (toys) in action and the final results.

You can feel free to add me to your lengthy list of VERY HAPPY CUSTOMERS!

Thanks again for everything.


"God's Country"

 Beautiful Southern Illinois


Pull Nuisance Trees and Weeds - Roots and All - Once and For All - With A Pullerbear.

 Unarguably, The Easiest and Quickest Way To Complete The Task


Why I would have a Pullerbear Pro XL321 if I could only own one tree puller...

There is a very good reason to go with the Pullerbear Pro XL321's. The XL321 is a Pro XL, Grip Xl and Cub XL in one. It has three settings and works particularly well on not only the large stems but the small saplings as well. You can customize the tool to suit the primary size of stems that you are pulling at any given time. It's not to say that the XL321 on the 3" setting won't work on small saplings (it pulls from 0 to 3" on the 3" setting) it makes it easier to pull small saplings on the 1' or 2" setting because the handle is always in an upright position so there is instant pull and no bending over to complete the pull. If I could only own one Pullerbear it would be the XL321... no doubt. It pulls everything comfortably from 0 to 3".

Randy Paisley - Inventor / Research and Development


Check out this video of the Pro XL321 pulling 3 sizes of stems. You don't have to adjust for each size change but the ablity to do so is unique to the Pullerbear Pro XL321. No more bending over for small saplings. 



The Price ... $169.99 U.S. No Duty, No Sales Tax, No Fees. The Price You See Is The Price You Pay.

$25 Flat Rate Shipping To All 50 States. Yes, Hawaii and Alaska too! Go to Purchase and/or Home/Compare for more info.    

The Pullerbear advantage over the Extractigator and the Uprooter.




The Pullerbear pulls plants completely from the ground with the roots attached.


Pullerbear Tree Puller International

 International Orders Welcome... We Ship Worldwide!


 Domestic and International Customers Can Contact Us At info@pullerbear.com
Or Call Us Absolutely Toll Free at 1 877 943 3607 Anytime 7 Days a Week.
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P.O.Box 124 Shawnigan Lake, B.C. V0R 2W0
U.S. Post Money Orders must be the ones that are cashable at a Canadian Bank.

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