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 If You're Looking For a New Weed Dealer, We Have An Entire Family Of Them For You To Choose From...

PB Cub Lite PB Cub XL PB Grip XL PB Grip XL21 PB Pro XL321  PB Pro XL
$160.00 AUD $250.00 AUD $300.00 AUD $315.00 AUD $370.00 AUD $355.00 AUD


All of the Pullerbears will pull all woody stemmed trees and weeds.

Cub Lite - Light/Medium Duty - Pull all 0 to 3/4" soft / hollow / annual stems such as thistles. 24" Handle - 4.5lbs

Cub XL - Heavy Duty - Pull all woody stems up to 1 3/4" - 36" Handle - 10.5 lbs

Grip XL - Medium/Heavy Duty - Pull all woody stems up to 2 1/4" - 48" Handle - 13 lbs

Pro XL321 - Heavy Duty - 3 Tools in 1 - Pull all woody stems up to 3". Adjustable to 1", 2" and 3" - 53" Handle - 17.5 lbs

Grip XL21 - Medium/Heavy Duty - 2 Tools in 1 - Pull all woody stems up to 2 1/4". Adjustable to 1 1/4" and 2 1/4" - 48" Handle - 13.5 lbs 

Pro XL - Heavy Duty - Pull all woody or fibrous stems from 0 to 3" - 53" Handle - 17 lbs 





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tree puller with your name  on it

WELD YOUR NAME ON IT????  That's right...we'll weld your name on your Pullerbear Tree Puller or anything else you would like... wife's birthday, Happy Anniversary, John 3:16, Merry Christmas, your phone number, Peter's Pullerbear, Stolen From..., Return to..., Terry's Tree Tugger, anything (just try to keep it around 15 characters).  ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! We are the only company in the world that provides this option.  There will be no more mistaken ownership claims and there will be no other tool the same as yours.  It helps your Pullerbear to find it's way back to you when you lend it, because you will be asked to lend it to a neighbor.


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