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Pullerbear Tree Puller origin
Shawnigan Lake The Birthplace of Pullerbear Tree Pullers

Our apologies for this page still being under construction... but here's a quick synopsis of this self employment journey to freedom in chapter titles.  (subject to change)

  1. Family Of Six - Mom, Dad, Cameron, Ryan, Cierra and Brooklyn. (the number two through six reasons)
  2. The Three Signs That Dad Needed a New Direction (and they're not the three above but they were the seed to this invention)
  3. Falling Asleep At The Wheel. (have you ever driven somewhere and not remembered one thing about the drive?)
  4. Taking The Leap (signing the resignation documents - concerning as hell but one of the best days of my life)
  5. The Clock (I looked at that damn clock a million times and each and every time I was wishing my life would go by faster)
  6. Rock Work Not Clock Work (I became a self taught stoner - not that kind of stoner, a rock it scientist)
  7. Developing Invention (the weed wrench should have responded to my inquiries. He didn't care much for Canadians)
  8. CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CBC et al Came a Calling (now that's fake news... no they didn't but some local yokels did)
  9. Canada's SHARK TANK (the Dragons' Den actually, not exactly dragons or sharks, more like vultures if I must break my NDA)
  10. ...we're only half way there...more to come and hopefully the first chapter soon. (this pandemic is consuming all time)